Our bcause Bitcoin futures and options products are coming soon to CQG and will be available to over 150,000 traders. Bitcoin has been classified by the federal government as an asset, however in reality it acts like an asset, a currency, and a stock. As an asset Bitcoin could appreciate well because the algorithm powering the system is designed based on decelerating supply. As a currency Bitcoin usage could grow exponentially as POS services mature around it. However, Bitcoin is subject to unpredictable circumstances just like any stock on the market. Therefore, although the underlying architecture is designed with appreciation in mind, good news or bad news can sway the price of Bitcoin day to day. Therefore futures and options contracts are incredibly important, especially for businesses that accept and hold Bitcoin. More and more clients will be finding themselves in this position as Bitcoin and the greater cryptocurrency market continues to grow. It’s inevitable that these new representations of value will also be what clients value.